Governance of the College

The bodies involved in governance of and policy-setting for the Dominion College of Bishops is the Executive Board of Bishops with its eight standing committees: Their mandates and responsibilities, their composition and the ways in which their members are selected are set out in the college Rules. They are ably supported Advisory College of Bishops

The Executive Board of Bishops (EBB) is the highest governing body. All other governing sub-committees derive their authority from the EBB. As ex officio members of the College, the Prelate takes part in governance and policy-setting. But their particular role is to “promote ecumenism and to interpret the work of the college, especially in their respective regions”.

The Advisory College of Bishops form an indispensable resource for those who are responsible for the governance of the Executive Board of Bishop. They provide expertise on a variety of ecumenical concerns, but they also make it possible for more representatives of member churches to be directly involved in the life and work of this “union of communions.