Why Join Dominion College of Bishops

The church is now faced with multi-dimensional issues of human rights in relations to the state and the rights of it citizen. Human rights activists are questioning basic right of people in the church in relation to their faith and well being. How do we as bishops speak to these challenges? It is well to note that these challenges have been there since the advent of society and the formation of the church, volumes of apologetic have been written by scholars through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to help the church give answers to these people

The demands of church leadership include the reality that discussing issues and discovering solutions is not possible by talking to members of a congregation.  Dominion College of Bishops offers a safe environment where Bishops and those aspiring to that office can receive training, encouragement, counselling for issues associated with leadership responsibilities.

The College also creates an accountability platform in the spirit of iron sharpening iron to help bishops and other church leaders be grounded, centered and focused.